Program Guidelines

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Material required for the program

Material you can arrange from your surroundings

  • One medium-sized open bowl of copper or any metal/ceramic material (avoid plastic)
  • 1 liter of water
  • Lamp
    • An oil lamp
    • Cotton wick (You can buy it or make it by rolling a piece of cotton wool)
    • Plant-based oil (ghee or sesame oil are preferred, otherwise any plant-based oils)
  • Alternative to lamp: vegan candle (without animal-derived ingredients)
  • Optional: Fresh Tulsi or holy basil (3 - 5 leaves)

Material which will be sent from Isha Yoga Center

    The following items will be sent as part of the Pancha Bhuta Kit. Please handle them with utmost sanctity, storing them in a clean and safe place. Do not use any of these items yet.

    Instructions on how to use each item will be provided in the orientation video. In case you do not receive the kit, alternatives to each are also mentioned.

  • Abhaya Sutra: Abhaya literally means “without fear”, Sutra means “thread”. The Pancha Bhuta Kriya includes an initiation with Abhaya Sutra, a thread specially consecrated to remove doubt and fear.
    • Alternative: White cotton thread dipped in turmeric paste (turmeric powder mixed with a little water)
  • Vastram: This black shawl is a consecrated cloth that makes you more receptive to the process.
    • Alternative: If unavailable,skip this step.
  • Bhoomi: Two grain-sized bhoomi (processed earth) that have gone through a special preparation. This is safe for consumption.
    • Alternative: Take the same quantity of soil from a place where people are not walking around much, such as from a garden or plant nursery.
  • Vibhuti: Consecrated ash which has been kept in the energized space of Dhyanalinga for a certain period of time.
    • Alternative: If unavailable, skip this step.
  • An Image of Dhyanalinga: The Dhyana linga is a powerful and unique energy form consecrated by Sadhguru for the ultimate wellbeing of an individual. The image is a significant aspect of the Pancha Bhuta Kriya and helps in making the presence of Dhyanalinga more accessible to you.
Preparation before the Program

Preparatory Sadhana

Sadhguru has created a simple Preparatory Sadhana for you to enhance your receptivity to Pancha Bhuta Kriya which will happen on March 11 and get maximum benefit from it.

You can start the Preparatory Sadhana from 8 March or earlier.

  • Chanting 12 cycles of Yoga Yoga Yogeshwaraya chant, preferably during the sandhya kalas.
  • Being in touch with the Elements -
    • Earth - Gardening or walking barefoot on the soil for around 30 minutes a day.
    • Water - Storing and drinking water from a copper vessel.
    • Wind - Exposure to wind for 10 - 15 minutes a day.
    • Fire - Lighting an oil lamp and bowing down to it.
    • Space - Bowing down to the sky three times a day - after sunrise, after the sun crosses 30 degrees, and after sunset.


Preparation on the day of the Program
  • Clothing: It is recommended to wear loose fitting white clothes, preferably made of cotton or other natural fibres.
  • Privacy: Ensure you are in a private space where you will not be disturbed.
  • Seating: It is ideal that you sit on the floor; however, for the purpose of this program, avoid sitting directly on your carpet or any upholstered surfaces of your home. You can sit on a yoga mat or an old rug.
  • Ambiance: Keep a lit oil lamp lit next to you during all sessions.
  • You will need to be on an empty stomach for the sessions. This means, there must a gap of
    • 4 hours after a full meal
    • 2 and a half hours after a snck
    • 1 and a half hours after a beverage like coffee or juice

Those of you, who for medical reasons, are not able to maintain an empty stomach can have this concoction before the session:

  • Boil some water with 5 peppercorns
  • Wait for the water to become lukewarm
  • Add a teaspoon of honey to it and consume it.